Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Kid Niche

Cute Babies KissingIn my last post, I mentioned the idea of marketing within the "kid" niche. Since that time (and as you can probably see, it's been a while since I've made a post here) I've been working on just that.

I love it.

1. It's a market I know well
2. It gives me the opportunity to make money in the industry, as well
as help children. (Example: Dealing with Children Hub Page)
3. It gives me the opportunity to help parents as well.

How can you dig and find a real niche? Here's what I mean: By definition, "kids" is not exactly a niche - it's an industry. A niche is a very specialized portion of an industry, so for example, some niches regarding children could be child educational tools, best toy wagons, etc. The list - obviously - in this industry could go on and on and on.

Here's another benefit - when I create a site, or an article, or a blog, etc., about some specific niche in the industry, I can link that site, etc., to other parts of the marketing campaign. Here's a good example:

KidsRKool Squidoo lens allows people to come and post their best, funniest stories about their kids. (If other parents are like me, they love to tell their kid stories!) Okay, so I put a link on that lens to another article site called Hub Pages (see link above) that has to do with the best ways to handle some problems with children. I then link both of those to a web page (Classic Playthings Stuffed Animals Review) and the reciprocal links can help with the rankings of all of the resources, as well as the some of the articles and information being a help to both children and parents. Over time, with even more articles, etc., this will begin to generate some serious income - and even better, I can help some folks out.


I'll keep you "posted". :)


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