Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keywords in Internet Marketing

Internet http:// symbolKeywords in Internet Marketing:
The Cornerstone of Success

During the time as a novice as well as an experienced internet marketer, I've come across many-a-theory about keywords in internet marketing and how important they are to getting web traffic.

Most people who are working online are actually looking for some "magic cure" or easy solution that will bring tons of traffic to their web resources (sites, blogs, etc.), and most give up simply due to the fact that they don't have a good foothold and know exactly what will work, what won't and so go off into many directions and ultimately fail.

It's too bad, really. The number of people who never move up to "success" with internet marketing is huge, and if they just had the basics...

So what's the key?

MOST basically - of course - is to know exactly how to go about the work in order for it to consistently succeed. But I'll be more specific: If you know how to gather up keywords (or "keyword phrases") to use, and if you know exactly how to use them, you can be successful as an internet marketer.

Here are the benefits I have found from knowing how to use keywords in internet marketing:Dollar Sign in Circle

  • Getting ranked highly in Google for a specific search for pretty much any web resource, including websites, blog posts, articles, etc.
  • For Google Adwords, you pay far less per click if you know what you're doing with the keywords
  • More relevant traffic from Adwords campaigns
  • More relevant traffic, period. (Equals more visitors converting into buyers, signups, etc.)
  • Less overall effort to get traffic!
Keyword research is the cornerstone of success - I use it with everything that I do online, with any type of marketing. I now can do it practically in my sleep (and sometimes I do!), but it has taken a good amount of dedication and willingness to learn to get to this point.

Learning how to do use keywords in internet marketing is a must. Wealthy Affiliate University teaches it's marketers how to become a real pro at keyword research, and also very specifically teaches how to use the good keywords, once found. This is how I learned, and with practice it became very easy.

As a note, you can also choose to use tools, such as Keyword Elite by Brad Callen - which is a brilliant product by the way - and use it to do the work for you. I prefer actually to do it myself, using the good ole' Google keyword tool and it works just fine.

In the case of keywords in internet marketing, "Know before you go" is most definitely the most key phrase of all, and it will put you in the "driver's seat" with internet marketing. (And how to use them once you have them is a whole other story. :-)


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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Value of a Good Website

Money TreeWhat is the value of a good website?


As an internet marketer, I've seen the ramifications of what the internet marketing business goes like with a great website, and without one.

These days if you have either no website or a "so-so" site, your business could probably be going quite a lot better.

A website is the central point of any internet marketing campaign, and with internet visitors becoming more experienced and savvy in general, you can count on them knowing the difference between a site with quality and knowledge behind it and one that may appear "amateurish".

There are a few options that people can take to create their own website that will benefit their business - here they are:

  1. Hire it done. If you are not an experienced web developer and are counting on your website to create a large number of customers, then this is really the way to go. Many people believe that it costs a huge amount of money to have it done, but that isn't always the case. If you don't already have a good resource for this, my recommendation is New Vibe Design - you will get a very professional site that is search engine "friendly" and a good value for your dollar.

  2. Make a high quality website yourself. If you have webThe @ Symbol for the Internet building experience under your belt, this could be the way to go. It will take a good amount of time of your own (time=money) but if you are looking to save money there are some options that could be right for you.

    My highest recommendation along these lines is Site Rubix - I use it myself. It makes building a website a breeze and much faster than with other builders, with options such as drag and drop, easily creating your own modules, modifying text just the way you want it, and there is a good selection of website headers and templates at your fingertips. Also the side menu is created for you and is updated whenever you create a new page. Site Rubix gives the highest potential for nice looking and professional websites than any other web builder I've ever seen.

    (As a note, Site Rubix is strictly one of the benefits that come from being a member of Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University - which is worth your while to become a member of - whether you're an affiliate marketer or a business owner looking for ways to market your site, the information from Wealthy Affiliate is invaluable and any marketers I know that stick with it really know how to market.

  3. Zlio Screenshot
  4. 3. For Affiliate Marking: I recently made a fortunate discovery with a website creator called Zlio.
If you are familiar with "Build a Niche Store" (Do it yourself niche website builder for eBay products), this is somewhat similar, but it doesn't carry eBay products. Instead, you can choose from a large number of advertising companies that are looking for people (affiliates) to sell their products, and when they do the affiliate makes a commission.

Zlio is not just a "throw-it-together" website, and when I first heard about it I thought that it would be cheap, never get seen by the search engines, etc. I was really very pleasantly surprised - it's a great website builder that allows easy creation of very important elements of a website such as a site map, product tags, keyword-targeted pages/categories and a great selection of niche-oriented products from great companies that are well-known for their quality products and service.

If you haven't already heard of Zlio, I HIGHLY recommend it - My first site was getting organic traffic to it within a few days and it's first sales shortly thereafter - and the traffic is continuing to rise over time! And - oh yeah - it's FREE! Awesome potential with that one. (I've been waiting to "announce" this until I fully tested it out.)

(The only downside is that you take a bit of a cut in the commissions that you earn, the rest of the product commissions go to Zlio in exchange for the site. I personally think it's a great deal because it's not only user-friendly, it's search engine friendly too, and having created such a great product I believe that Zlio has well-earned their cut too.)

The above options are my recommendations on choices for websites - I may write more in the future when I come up with more info.

No matter which avenue you choose to create a website, make sure that it is the right one for you. As I said above, the value of a good website is absolutely priceless and can make a huge difference for any internet marketing campaign - if you need to take your time to work out the right option, do so. It can make or break a business these days.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Should You Do Data Work From Home?

Girl Working on Laptop ComputerIs Data Work From Home a Valid Income Opportunity?

Short answer = "No." A great majority of the time when "Data Work From Home" is advertised, one of two things is actually happening:

  1. You are being asked to join a group of people who are doing online paid surveys, or
  2. You are asked to promote someone else's company on your own dime (and much of the time it's many many dollars!)
Either way, "data work from home" is not really the case. These "opportunities" have a definite slant in the direction of scam-land!

I'll explain.

Re: 1. Paid Surveys

This is not a completely invalid opportunity. It does pay, I've done it. However the number of surveys that one person receives that actually pays a decent amount are very few and far between, and the ones that need to be done in-between pay very small amounts. I was getting tired of it, and sat down to do the math.

I found out I was earning about .75 cents per hour!!

They do have benefits, you can do surveys for "credits" that allow you to purchase things online for little or no money, but again the amount of time spent for such a small number of credits is quite a lot.

I find the "paid surveys" gig to be deceptive, which is why I'm taking a bit of a hostile view on it. If it advertises up front that it's "data entry" or "data work from home" then it's not really true is it? When one hears those phrases she / he might think that it involves data entry records into forms for a reputable company, earning a decent hourly rate.

Unless this is actually the case, I would stay away from it. Far away. You'll spend a lot of time on it thinking you'll actually make a good amount of cash. My experience - no way.
Pinnochio With Long Nose
Re: 2. Promoting someone else's company or service with Google Adwords.

Oh, this is very naughty.

They tell you that this is "data entry" or "data work from home" when what they really mean is "write Google Adwords (pay per click ads) for us, you pay for it and we'll get all the traffic while you go broke!"

They show you examples of ads that you can type, usually these are very over-used and so cost a lot of money per click - that you end up paying for. So - you will be paying out the nose and will likely not see any money in return - at least it's very likely you'll end up spending more than you earn.

Any program that encourages people to write pay-per-click ads should first train on how to write them effectively and how to actually make a profit!

I don't get riled up too much - but when I see "opportunities" out there such as "Data Work From Home" that are just plain deceptive and take advantage of people who are looking for legitimate ways to make money online I get more than a little peeved.

My two cents. :)