Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keywords in Internet Marketing

Internet http:// symbolKeywords in Internet Marketing:
The Cornerstone of Success

During the time as a novice as well as an experienced internet marketer, I've come across many-a-theory about keywords in internet marketing and how important they are to getting web traffic.

Most people who are working online are actually looking for some "magic cure" or easy solution that will bring tons of traffic to their web resources (sites, blogs, etc.), and most give up simply due to the fact that they don't have a good foothold and know exactly what will work, what won't and so go off into many directions and ultimately fail.

It's too bad, really. The number of people who never move up to "success" with internet marketing is huge, and if they just had the basics...

So what's the key?

MOST basically - of course - is to know exactly how to go about the work in order for it to consistently succeed. But I'll be more specific: If you know how to gather up keywords (or "keyword phrases") to use, and if you know exactly how to use them, you can be successful as an internet marketer.

Here are the benefits I have found from knowing how to use keywords in internet marketing:Dollar Sign in Circle

  • Getting ranked highly in Google for a specific search for pretty much any web resource, including websites, blog posts, articles, etc.
  • For Google Adwords, you pay far less per click if you know what you're doing with the keywords
  • More relevant traffic from Adwords campaigns
  • More relevant traffic, period. (Equals more visitors converting into buyers, signups, etc.)
  • Less overall effort to get traffic!
Keyword research is the cornerstone of success - I use it with everything that I do online, with any type of marketing. I now can do it practically in my sleep (and sometimes I do!), but it has taken a good amount of dedication and willingness to learn to get to this point.

Learning how to do use keywords in internet marketing is a must. Wealthy Affiliate University teaches it's marketers how to become a real pro at keyword research, and also very specifically teaches how to use the good keywords, once found. This is how I learned, and with practice it became very easy.

As a note, you can also choose to use tools, such as Keyword Elite by Brad Callen - which is a brilliant product by the way - and use it to do the work for you. I prefer actually to do it myself, using the good ole' Google keyword tool and it works just fine.

In the case of keywords in internet marketing, "Know before you go" is most definitely the most key phrase of all, and it will put you in the "driver's seat" with internet marketing. (And how to use them once you have them is a whole other story. :-)


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