Tuesday, March 13, 2007

But... Isn't That MLM?

I've heard other internet marketers who were involved in network marketing programs (MLM companies) say that they had been discouraged to work their business because it was MLM. This had not happened to me, until just very recently.

Yesterday someone that I know well asked me regarding my online business: "Well, isn't that MLM?" Then proceeded to inform me that I shouldn't count on that as my main source of income. (As a note, this person did not have any real experience in this industry.)

Apparently the network marketing industry has received a bad reputation - at least in some circles.

Okay, what is MLM?

MLM (as most people know) stands for Multi-Level-Marketing. When you strip off any stigma involved in it, it's simple definition is: "...a business model that combines direct marketing with franchising" (from Wiktionary Online Encyclopedia). So -- it's marketing with the right of a franchise for a particular business product.

What's wrong with that?

As long as the product being dealt with in the franchise is of good quality and the franchise owners are compensated fairly - nothing.

Many companies are adding MLM to their already-successful marketing techniques, because it is actually a completely valid, relatively inexpensive and successful way to get their products into the general public.

Here is the main message that I want to relay about this: If an opportunity presents itself to you, look it over for yourself and don't allow your decision to be swayed by any type of stigma attached. Great opportunities can be missed by listening to others' opinions rather than acting on your own!

About the Author:

Tonya Brisnehan is a work-at-home mom
and successful internet marketer.


Chris Varvaro said...

Thanks For The Great Information. Good Luck!

frank said...

Great post Tonya. Lots of Good information.


Alexander the Great said...

That "stigma" is two decades of public experience with MLM. There are purely negative connotations because the technique of MLM has proven a scam in almost every case so far. I'm not suggesting anything about your business, but providing an answer for why that stigma exists; history, knowledge, and common sense.