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What is "One Week Marketing" and Who is PotPieGirl?

One Week Marketing Book LogoWhat is "One Week Marketing" - and who is PotPieGirl?

I don't promote Internet Marketing Products lightly. In fact, you might notice from the date of my last blog post that I don't promote the internet marketing industry much - I concentrate on other niches (specific parts of a market) and don't even really think about trying to make money on the subject of "internet marketing" myself - way too much competition in this arena - I don't like having to push too hard to make something seen.

OK, so I'll answer the questions...

"One Week Marketing" is an ebook written by PotPieGirl specifically for internet affiliate marketers to help give them a specific method and direction to go when "putting all the pieces together" in the internet marketing game. Specifically, the method given is for free methods of marketing online.

The book is relatively new on the IM scene (I learned about it and bought it in October '08) and is one of the most helpful books on internet marketing I've ever read, and when I actually applied the steps given in the book my statistics went from being "okay" to "Holy moley Batman, I made HOW MUCH today?" Really. =)

Here's my take on what "One Week Marketing" does - for anyone who has become educated in internet marketing, they will very likely get as far as knowing quite a bit about it in terms of the basics and the tools involved, but perhaps lacking in some key SEO (search engine optimization) info, and also "IMers" might be floundering about on this question, "I know what to do, but what order do I do all of the actions in - AND, how much of it should I do?"

Wow - those are some important points. More important than I had realized. Much of what was in the book I already knew - but when I found out that I was doing some of my actions in a wrong sequence - and when I changed that sequence (simple) it changed my whole scene. (Search engines started giving my pages big kisses.)

OK, now for question #2 - Who is PotPieGirl? Well, you might be saying, "duh" at this point - yes, she is the author of the book. And, her name is Jennifer. And, she is an authority on SEO. But let me tell you a story to illustrate who she really is:

I purchased the One Week Marketing book back in October, read it the same day and enjoyed every word. I had a question on how it might apply some of the steps to a niche I was working on, so I sent her an email with that question and link to one of my resources. The following day she responded with an answer that exactly answered my questions, and she spent some real time with the email (it was pretty lengthy). We had email dialog back and forth for a few days, each time she took care to really understand my questions and answer them very helpfully.

When we were finished with that email dialog and I started really rocking on applying IM with the steps given, my whole business took off like a rocket.

My scene - yes, I'm a work from home mom and my time is very valuable and actually rather scarce. Every moment I spend on IM counts, and that book and the method given therein has helped to simplify my technique, add value to my actions and thus increase my sales.

How to say "thank you" for that? I'm not sure - the changes that has made in my life are astounding, and not only affect me but my little one and - well, you get the picture.

At any rate, Jennifer's work and effort (and help) deserves a huge acknowledgment and this was the best way I knew how to do it - thanks Jennifer!!! Uh, sorry - I mean PotPieGirl. =)

What is "One Week Marketing" and who is PotPieGirl? IT is a goldmine and PotPieGirl is an angel from the south.


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