Sunday, April 29, 2007

Basic Marketing Strategy

If you're thinking about working with internet
marketing for a living - or even just to make
a few extra dollars, here's some ideas that
will help.

First off, I want to say that marketing is
basically the same - by my own experience -
whether it is done offline or online. Or even
in a combination of the two.

There are 3 important points that should
be applied in order to make this type of a
business succeed. They include quantity of
advertising, persistence (including the concept
of repetition) and good, helpful service.

I'll take up these three points one at a time:

1. Quantity of advertising - I've included
a post regarding this exact point, with the
subject of volume. Fundamentally speaking,
it requires volume - always - to have any
type of marketing be effective. Even if one
single ad is placed, volume also includes
the idea of, "How many people will see this
ad?" In this way, if it is the right ad in the
right place, many people will see it and the
response will be high.

2. Okay, persistence. This is a real stickler
in the Internet Marketing world, and the lack
of it is the main reason so many people give
up trying to make money online. Here are some
statistics that may help to clarify this point:

* It generally takes 7-8 views of any promotional
ad before the average person will respond in any
way - even if it's just a question.

* With one promotional campaign being done
(for example an email campaign done to a mailing
list), it will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3
months to really notice any kind of respectable
level of response.

* When promotion is done, but not consistently
it can appear that the advertising is doing
absolutely no good. The problem is that to the
average person, they are seeing different ads
more often than not, or in different forms and
the lack of repetition fails to fully capture
their attention.

3. Service - This topic is more along the lines
of how to keep a business successful after it's
become lucrative, but applies all along the line.
For those who are involved in online network
marketing this also means helping your team
to succeed.

Example: A customer or team member/affiliate
emails a question but it takes 4 days for it
to be answered. The result: Frustration and
a lack of security about the whole thing.
(This may be unspoken, but I can guarantee
it exists.)

The way to make a business successful for the
long term is to earn trust with good communication,
good service with the intention to provide some
help on the other end of that line.

My friends, internet marketing is one of the
most enjoyable (and sometimes even exhilirating)
careers out there. It can be a lot of fun even
as a past-time, but as a business it's a total

When these principles are thoroughly applied you
can count on success.

About the Author:

Tonya Brisnehan is a work-at-home mom and
successful internet marketer.

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