Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is "Help" a Four-Letter Word?

In the world of internet marketing, there are a number of different types of money-making programs. By many people, these programs are generally known as "scams", "ripoffs", etc.

Well, I've been working online for some time now, and based on what I've found from my own experience, the "scams" are actually in the minority.

Yes, really!

I would be wary of some program that claims you can spend 20 minutes a week on it and wake up each morning to find loads of cash in your online bank account. But there are many many programs that are available that do not make this claim at all. Many of these can help to make someone wealthy. But it takes some real work and dedication.

What else does it take? The willingness to help others.

The most successful online income programs I've seen have been designed for the intention of actually helping others achieve their financial (and other) goals. Yes, the creators of it will also make some percentage of the income along the way, but why shouldn't they? These types of systems take a lot of time, smarts and resources to establish.

If one were to sign up with such a program, follow the guidelines and work on it with tenacity, persistence and dedication, they would achieve the financial rewards that they have been seeking!

If that person also worked to help others to do the same thing, they would achieve long-term stable wealth and a thriving business.

Moral #1: Before making the assumption that something is a ripoff, really take a look at it for it's true potential. Ask yourself: Is it logical that it would work?

Moral #2: If one is willing to believe that something (or someone) can help them, and if they are willing to help others, an awful lot of doors will open up to a new way of life.

And that doesn't apply just to business.

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