Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perfect Niche for Internet Marketer Moms

I've been in the internet marketing industry for quite some time now, but I've never really tapped into the various niches with one of the things I know best --
motherhood. It all of a sudden occurred to me that "kids" is the perfect niche for an internet marketer mom.

Geez, how many niche markets could be under the heading of "kids" or "motherhood"? I don't even have an idea at this point, but I'm sure it's quite a few. It could even be one of the largest markets there is, and it will never go stale.

I do have a couple of active marketing tools regarding motherhood/kids, but have never really punched up the idea in terms of really focusing on it as a career. Now I'm going to be really pushing on it.

When you are a marketer and are using such techniques as article (or "bum") marketing, it helps a great deal to know the subject matter very very well. Knowing what you're talking about - without necessarily having to do research on the subject - makes marketing much easier and more effective as well.

Of all of the "experts" in the field of children, there are none more qualified than mothers - that's a fact. There is also nothing I like to write about more than my kid. :) Anyway, I finally concluded that I should really work on this niche instead of just tinkering around with it.

(As a note, on my favorite marketing forum,, a so-called "expert" posted a subject about child behavior. He claimed that some types of behaviors were a symptom of ADD, and other "diagnosed conditions". Most mothers are aware of the fact that this is a bunch of hooey, and due to the fact that WAHM is full of work-at-home-moms (thus the forum name) he was basically laughed out of the forum. Yada, yada, yada, adios.)

If you're a mother you are more aware of what mother's spend money on and what children really need and want. For example, what are some of you children's actual favorite toys? If your kids are like my little guy, the favorites are definitely not always what's "hot on the market" at the moment. It might be a very basic item or toy, and may be completely overlooked as a specific niche in the kid market. This might also be a perfect niche for you!

Something to think about.


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